Mikey Jackson. Writer - scriptwriter - novelist. Writer of TV, radio, film, web and stage scripts, novels, comedy sketches, short stories, web content, gags. Available for commissioning.
Mikey Jackson writer for TV, radio, film, stage, print, digital and web.
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My video comedy sketches...

Check out examples of my work below. Want to offer me a proposal? Then please get in touch

Facebook Street. From the sketch show Three Men & A Lady

Coffee Shop. From the sketch show Three Men & A Lady
This sketch has had over a million views on You Tube.

Britain's Got Talent. Produced by Digimania & CoFilmic

We've Lost Your Husband. From the sketch show Three Men & A Lady

My audio comedy sketches...
Oh, look! Or rather, listen.
Below are some radio and theatre sketches in old-fashioned audio. Click on the sketch titles to download the MP3 files to play on your device.
(Some browsers may play the MP3s straight from this website.)

listen to sketch Real Life 3D
Performed by Newsjack (BBC)

listen to parody song Our House It Won't Sell
Performed by NewsRevue

listen to sketch Sex Education Class
Performed by Newsjack (BBC)

listen to sketch Politically Correct Mother
Performed by The Sam And Dave Show

listen to sketch DWP Fictional Characters Dept.
Performed by NewsRevue

listen to sketch Fish Out Of Water
Performed by Chuck Fresh

Want more? Check out my other produced work
Random Mikey joke: "I'm suspicious of my imaginary girlfriend. I think somebody else is seeing her."
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