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My TV scripts...

Below are extracts of a selection of my many scripts. Production companies or agents interested in my work can email me to request a full script.

My TV drama script Seven Magpies earned me a place as a FINALIST in the Amazon Studios & TriForce WriterSlam.

My TV drama script So Wicked earned me a place as a SEMI-FINALIST in the Wiki Screenplay Contest.

So Wicked (TV drama pilot)
London youths Ebony, Bailey and Reece are shocked to find themselves recruited as defenders of the human race against threats from the Underworld (which just happens to be situated beneath the city. Who knew?), taking over from Bailey and Ebony's parents who are now, quite frankly, too old and past it to deal with demons and monsters. If this doesn't earn the three of them serious street-cred, then nothing will.
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Trudy Madeley Deeply (TV sitcom pilot)
20-something Trudy Madeley's life is a mess. After walking out on her boyfriend Rick for his constant infidelity (and for giving her a rather nasty rash), she has no choice but to return to the family home. But a lot has happened since she's been away. Although still sharing the same house, her parents have separated. Also, her father's mid-life crisis has flared up again, and as such has a new teenage girlfriend in tow.
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Seven Magpies (TV drama pilot)
Five months ago, Lauren's six-year-old daughter was killed by a drug-driver. As a result, her mind is fractured, her behaviour is odd and her actions are unpredictable. Her husband thinks her erratic state of mind is down to loss and grief, but Lauren is hiding a dark secret, a sinister event which took place ten years ago.
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Beforwards (TV comedy-drama pilot)
Comedy-drama set in two timelines which alternate throughout each episode, the first timeline beginning with Kyle and Alice's first date, the second timeline (the present day) charting the events after the night they split up.
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Never Mind The Bollards (TV sitcom pilot)
The madcap exploits of a small-town taxi firm. In this episode, the routine pick up of an elderly gentleman begins a chain reaction of chaos when he suffers a fatal heart attack in a taxi. Dodgy taxi firm owner Alvin King blames the driver for showing him their price list.
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Emergency Hospital! (TV spoof comedy pilot)
An insane spoof of medical dramas, featuring a student nurse who loves to perform impromptu operations on her hospital porter boyfriend in his sleep, a scary ward sister who keeps a severed arm as a pet and a bunch of other wacky characters.
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Ghosting (TV drama pilot)
What do you get if you cross a stiff-upper-lip British Army officer from the 1940s in full battledress, a 90s girl wearing the iconic Gerri Halliwell union jack dress, a streetwise modern 16-year-old girl from an inner-city council estate and a young lad in a fast-food joint uniform? And what if they are all ghosts from different time periods who share a house together? These afterlifers are in limbo and their world is about to get dangerous.
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Binge (TV drama pilot)
Youth drama following five 20-year-olds amidst today's clubbing, hedonistic binge drinking culture. Jazz turns to drink and casual sex to block out fears of her parents' imminent separation, Josh has love on his mind, whilst February agonises over her sexuality and takes drastic action to find out which way she really swings.
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Complicated (TV sitcom pilot)
Sitcom about Spencer Grimes, a 22-year-old window cleaner who falls for Grace Young, a 41-year-old divorced mother of two. There are just two niggling problems. His current girlfriend Tiffany and his best friend Kirk are Grace's grown-up children.
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Eve and Stevens (TV drama pilot)
When DC Jessica Eve and DS Matt Stevens investigate the murder of a schoolgirl, the suspects soon begin to mount up. But when both their past lives begin to seriously affect the investigation, are they really the best coppers for the job?
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