Mikey Jackson. Writer - scriptwriter - novelist. Writer of novels, TV scripts, screenplays, radio scripts, stage plays, short stories and comedy sketches. Available for commissioning.
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My TV scripts...

Production companies or agents interested in my work can email me to request a complete script.

So Wicked made it to the final of The Script Lab Screenplay Contest 2023.

Seven Magpies earned me a place as a finalist in the TriForce and Amazon Studios WriterSlam 2019.

Never Mind The Bollards made the longlist of the Short Com TV Sitcom Writing Competition 2023.

So Wicked (TV drama pilot)
London delinquents Ebony, Bailey and Reece are shocked to find themselves recruited as defenders of the human race against threats from the Underworld (which just happens to be situated beneath the city. Who knew?), taking over from Bailey and Ebony's middle-aged parents who now find it difficult to deal with demons and monsters. Meanwhile, their team leader Devinia, Reece's mother, is actually the daughter of the devil who sides with humans, standing tall against her brother Thaddeus (who has inherited the Underworld from a recently retired Satan) and his plans for world domination. If this doesn't earn the three of them serious street-cred, then nothing will.
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I Killed A Girl (TV drama pilot)
When her twelve-year-old daughter is assaulted and hospitalised by a gang of older teenage girls who then post the phone footage on social media, newly divorced Freya demands justice. When the police don't do anything about it, Freya, her sister Lucy and the mother of another victim take matters into their own hands with fatal consequences.
A turbulent drama told in three timelines, showing us events which occur before, between and after.
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Seven Magpies (TV drama pilot)
Five months ago, Lauren's six-year-old daughter was killed by a hit-and-run driver. As a result, her mind is fractured, her behaviour is odd and her actions are unpredictable. Her husband thinks her erratic state of mind is down to loss and grief, but Lauren is hiding a dark secret, a sinister event which took place ten years previously. Like seven magpies, it's a secret never to be told. Ah, but secrets have a nasty habit of coming out.
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Beforwards (TV comedy-drama pilot)
A love story told in two timelines, the first beginning with Kyle and Alice's first date two years ago, the second timeline (present day) charting the events after the night they split up. A fun yet poignant exploration into how people change for better or worse over time. What happens next? Let's find out. Twice.
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Never Mind The Bollards (TV sitcom pilot)
The madcap exploits of a small-town taxi firm. In this episode, a routine pick up of an elderly gentleman begins a chain reaction of chaos when he dies in the taxi.
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Previously in development...

Listen, Dr Woo (TV sitcom)

Teaser trailer for my sitcom Listen, Dr Woo, about a Cardiff-based Chinese psychologist and his dysfunctional family.
Starring Dave Wong, Ozzie Yue, Pik-Sen Lim, Jessica Wong and Gwenno Dafydd.
Produced by Sen Creations.